Weddings, events, film shootings...

Weddings, events, film shootings…

We put our experience and know-how at your service, so that this exceptional day remains unforgettable.

This exceptional day deserves the best service. So ask experienced professionals, who will pay attention to the smallest detail, so that you only have to worry about the ceremony.

The arrival of the bride, one of the highlights of a wedding

The arrival of the bride is one of the important moments of a wedding. When the future bride climbs into the car, she must handle the stress of these moments. The comfort of our luxury sedans and the professionalism of our chauffeurs will help to go down the pressure. On arrival at the first step of the ceremony, just before the door opens, the car will attract all eyes, thanks to our chauffeur, it will be irreproachable and shiny. Thus, only this moment of grace and luxury will remain, and will contribute to make your marriage unforgettable.

  • Professional Chauffeurs
  • Smooth and Calm Driving
  • Premium Vehicle

To fully enjoy your wedding, treat yourself to a chauffeur and car.

Our professional chauffeurs and our luxurious vehicles will delight you. Your chauffeur and your car will make you feel unique on this important day between all. Use professionals, is the assurance of being able to fully enjoy this great day, with the pleasure of being driven.

  • A reliable chauffeur, at your unique service
  • A chauffeur in suit
  • An exceptional vehicle for an exceptional day
  • No need to worry about driving
  • Safe driving, by a professional chauffeur
  • We can take care of installing your decoration on the car

For a particular event, you need a particular service.

Our professional chauffeurs and our luxurious vehicles will guarantee the image of your event. Whether it is for a private or a business event, use the services of professionals, it is the assurance of a flawless organization. You surely have a lot to think, so do not worry about transportation, we take care of it.

  • Reliable chauffeurs, at your unique service
  • Chauffeurs in suit
  • Exceptional vehicles for exceptional day
  • No need to worry about driving
  • Safe driving, by professionals
  • We can handle the organization of your transports

You want to go sightseeing? Ask a chauffeur to drive you.

Discovering a city or region, is not always easy. You don't know where to go, if you drive you can not look at the landscape. By offering you the services of a chauffeur, you will fully enjoy everything there is to see around you. You will not have to worry about traffic, which can be disturbing in a region that you do not know.

  • A chauffeur who knows the area
  • Acomfortable vehicle
  • The pleasure of being chauffeured, without stress
  • A real day of relaxation
  • Safe driving, by a professional chauffeur
  • We can handle the organization of your day
Film shootings

Need particular vehicles or chauffeurs for actors or filming team? Ask us.

Production needs particular vehicles? The production needs chauffeus and vehicles to drive the actors, with maximum discretion and in the greatest comfort? Or is it for the filming team, and you need greater capacity vehicles? We can help you.

  • Chauffeurs of absolute discretion
  • Chauffeurs who know the region
  • Comfotable vehicles
  • Particular vehicles or vintage ones
  • High capacity vehicles if needed
  • Safe driving, by professionals
Hourly booked chauffeur

Need a professional driver? To drive your vehicle or one of ours.

You don't want to drive on long distance? Do you prefer to focus on your business? You don't want to drive for any other reason? We can put to your service a chauffeur to drive your own vehicle. Or we can put at your disposal a chauffeur and his vehicle, for the duration of your choice.

  • A professional chauffeur to your unique service
  • A chauffeur in suit, to drive your own vehicle
  • Or a chauffeur and his vehicle
  • For missions from a few hours to several days
  • No need to worry about driving
  • Safe driving, by a professional chauffeur
  • Your chauffeur determines the best routes
For each of the services you entrust us,
we do our best, to try to go every time beyond your expectations.
Hugo C. - CEO & Secrétaire Général de la FF-EVTC